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    Diabetes your type - Portrait of Lucy
    2019-06-04MMMM DD, YYYY

    We Believe in Your Type


    Paul Hudson

    Paul Hudson to succeed Olivier Brandicourt as Chief Executive Officer

    People gathering their hands at the center of the image

    BIO: Diversity, Digital and Partnerships Combine to Push Forward New Ideas in Healthcare

    Innovation and collaboration were at the heart of the exchanges between the BIO attendees from around the globe

    Mobilizing for the planet

    Mobilizing for the Planet

    Zoom on a cancer cell

    Insider Stories

    Sanofi’s Commitment to Oncology

    Danielle’s Story: Determined to Live My Life


    Talkinghearts campaign

    We Work with Startups to Improve Access to Healthcare in Africa

    Abstract image of a woman's face

    Bringing New Hope to People Living with Multiple Sclerosis

    Learn about Sanofi’s commitment to multiple sclerosis

    A young boy receiving dengue vaccine

    Dengvaxia® vaccine approved for prevention of dengue in Europe

    The European Commission has granted marketing authorization for Dengvaxia?, Sanofi’s dengue vaccine
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